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Our Mission and Operating Principles

Our Mission

The mission of Village Without Walls, a member of Villages NW, is to build a strong, lasting, diverse, intergenerational community of members and volunteers to ensure that our members can stay in their home for as long as they choose. Our network of trained volunteers provides member services and village operational support, plus we organize social, cultural, wellness and educational activities to help decrease social isolation and promote Village community.

Our Operating Principles

  • Honor the contributions of all members and affiliates
  • Welcome an inclusive, diverse community working together
  • Connect a cluster of neighborhoods where people want to know one another, freely sharing their skills and knowledge of community resources
  • Foster community through intergenerational connections and through strong and lasting relationships
  • Honor the privacy, dignity and independence of Village members and volunteers
  • Strive to protect the security of our members in dealing with vendors and service providers
  • Demonstrate transparency and honesty in all Village participation and management